We Give back!

Since 2010, ATSI has supported the Families of the Wounded Fund (FOTWF). This non-profit organization assists families of combat-wounded service members who travel to support their loved ones while they heal. Families must often travel far from home and remain with a wounded family member for weeks at a time at specialized care centers, and the FOWTF assists with lodging, meals, transportation, and other expenses. The FOTWF’s mission is to raise money and give 100% of it to the families of combat-wounded service members. ATSI is proud to partner with FOTWF in this important cause.

ATSI also works to raise community awareness to the presence of these wounded service members, along with the acute, unmet needs of their family members. Our work is focused at McGuire Medical Center in Richmond, VA, a top treatment center for head and spinal cord injuries. We also assist Warriors in Transition and their families at the Soldier Family Assistance Center (SFAC) at Fort Belvoir, VA. We are grateful for the opportunity to assist service members as they transition back to duty or to civilian life.